Everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful hair, but not everyone succeeds. So, maybe some tips and hair products do not help our hair at all? Let’s talk about the most common myths of hair care.

Myth Nr.1 The more often you cut your hair, the faster it will grow.

Fully wrong. In fact, the hair originates from the hair follicle located in the scalp, and it has nothing to do with the tips (so as the skill level of a hairdresser). Hair growth is more dependent on genetics and overall health. On average, a healthy person’s hair grows one centimeter per month. Therefore, to grow long hair, do not need to cut for more than a centimeter once a month, they simply will not have time to grow back.

Also, do to try to stop cutting your hair at all, it’s just starting to break closer and closer to the roots, so it will not be possible to grow a beautiful and healthy hair.

Myth Nr.2 Shampoo and conditioner should be applied to the entire length of the hair.

The shampoo is a means to clean the head skin, not the hair. It should be applied only to the roots, since the concentration of sebum is located on the roots, and the remaining foam of the shampoo from the roots will be enough to clean the entire length. If you shampoo the entire length of the hair constantly and intensively, then the hair will become dry and brittle over time.

With the conditioner, everything is exactly the opposite. The conditioner must be applied only to the length, excluding the hair roots. The roots of the hair, do not need additional hydration, they are healthier and get enough protection from the sebaceous glands.

Myth Nr. 3 Split ends can be cured or restored.

Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. Special products for split ends can temporarily glue them, but this effect will last only until the next wash. The best way is to prevent it.

To do this, it is necessary to moderately moisturize and nourish the hair with balms, conditioners, and masks. It is also a good idea to use heat-protective hair products before using the hairdryer and stylers.

Myth Nr. 4 The hairdryer is harmful to the hair, it must be dried exclusively in a natural way.

This statement is partly a myth, and partly true.

The owner of very short hair that naturally dries in no more than 15 minutes does not need a hairdryer. But if we leave long hair wet for a long time, they will become brittle, dull and dry, since water molecules, having penetrated the structure, literally push the proteins out of the hair. What then do the owners of long hair? The best way is to blow dry but at low temperatures.

Myth Nr.5 Washing your hair rarely, they will be longer clean.

This myth is similar to myth No. 1. The production of sebum is influenced by many factors: age, state of health, genetic characteristics and even the level of stress. Someone has to wash their hair every day, and someone washes twice a week. Each person’s head skin is contaminated at a different speed and the only right decision is to wash your head as it gets dirty.

If we wash our hair too often, this will lead to the complete washing off of the protective barrier of the hair, and they will become dry, brittle, defenseless. If you wash your hair very rarely, there will be an excess of sebum, which looks careless and can lead to dandruff.

As we have previously noted, the sebum production factors are mainly the internal processes of the human body. With the right choice and use of hair cosmetics, no matter how long you try not to wash your hair, this will not change the internal state of the body or genetics, so the hair will always become dirty after about the same period.

A few hair care tips to keep your hair fresh for a little longer:


  • if it is necessary to prolong the freshness of hair, sometimes you can use dry shampoo
  • you need to reconsider hair cosmetics, maybe it does not fit your type of hair and head skin
  • do not touch hair with your hands, do not comb it very often (thereby spreading sebum along the entire length and stimulating the glands to produce fat)

The best way to achieve excellent results and keep hair healthy and beautiful is to avoid myths about hair care and trust your hair to professionals. If you don’t know who to contact, Fleetl will help you get personalized offers from the best masters at a convenient time.

Choose a service, time and location and the application itself will select the best options for you and also provide price offers and all the necessary information.