How to find a beauty master for your wedding?

Planning an entire wedding is a real feat. When you’re the bride, even more so. While your parents and family members are obviously on top of things, the final word has got to be yours. From the decor to the DJ, you have your finger in every pie. As if deciding your outfits and jewelry and booking a venue in time wasn’t enough, there’s also the added pressure of picking a beauty master who can help you look your best on your big day. Those two artist you pick can really make or break your look; and who doesn’t want to make it and make it big on their wedding day?

Don’t let Instagram be your only source of information

Much like all other things in life, when it comes to hair and makeup too, we go right to Instagram for inspiration. There is no doubt that Instagram can be a great place to get ideas and become more aware of the different kinds of looks you could be interested in. However, Instagram in no way should be your only source. Very often what you see on Instagram can be the result of some editing and airbrushing. Instead, after you’ve shortlisted some artists that you think match your criteria, do your research. Ask around to find out if anyone you know has been to them before. If you don’t have a common link, try and see if you can reach out to a bride she/he dressed up for their wedding day. Asking around and getting an actual review from someone who’s already had their hair or makeup done from the master can be more reassuring than something you saw on Instagram. If it’s a well known beauty master, try and find some reviews online.

Makeup look – the daunting obsticle

More often than not, thinking about the exact look you want for your wedding day can be a daunting task. Do you want a soft, natural look or do you want to go all out shining? Deciding on one look when you like so many can be challenging. However, it is important to have at least a rough idea before you decide to pick a makeup artist. When choosing a makeup artist, you need to keep in mind your taste and style in makeup. If you’re more a glittery, smokey eye kind of girl, go for someone who creates such looks often. If subtle makeup is your thing, going for someone who prefers that style of makeup would be wise. Going through their website or Instagram pages and seeing reference images can help here. Just like any other artist, makeup artists too have their own signature style; which they often find hard to completely go away from. So knowing the kind of makeup you’d prefer is important before you select one for your big day.

Trial day – yes or no?

Skipping a trial might save you some money, but you’ll never know what you’re in for if you give it a miss. Trust me, the last thing you want on your wedding day is a makeup disaster. Even if it is time consuming and costs you some extra money, going in for a trial can save you a serious unforeseen shock. It’s important to get to know your makeup artist and their style of work before you sit with them and hand over your complete trust to them on your wedding day. Meet with them, have them try a look you envision for yourself and set the ball rolling for a smooth process when the day finally arrives.

In conclusion – trust

The beauty master you choose will be spending your last few hours as a single woman with you. That’s the time the nerves are kicking in and the last thing you need is to be stuck with someone you just don’t want around. Find someone you can get along with and trust. It’s important to find someone who will understand if you’re not in the mood to talk or allow you to vent if that’s what you need. Find someone you think has a balanced temperament. Even if disaster does strike on the day (read: acne breakout, bad hair day) your beauty master should be able to help you fix it rather than add on to your woes.



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