Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

To start working with application you need to download Fleetl Master from App store or Google Play. After account registration through the application, the profile will be deactivated and invisible for clients. To activate a profile upload at least 2 portfolio images, showing works related to your list of services. Then Fleetl support-team review profile and publish it.

You pay only for service requests that were successfully completed. If you reject the request, the client chooses another master, the client cancels or skips a visit you pay nothing.

Fleetl Master commission is 10% of service request price. For example, if you set price for service 50 euros, then Fleetl commission is 10% from 50 euros = 5 euros. At the beginning of every month, we send an invoice to an email address you defined on registration. The invoice must be paid in 2 weeks from a day it was received. If an invoice is not paid the master profile will be deactivated and becomes invisible for clients.

The Application Usage

The collections of service requests from clients are separated into 4 collections (pages) in the application.

The main one with “wifi” icon shows new requests only, which you can accept or reject.

“Offered” collection displays requests that were accepted by you and now are waiting for a client to select the master to visit.

“Declined” collection displays all requests that were declined by you, by a client or canceled.

“Booked” collection displays all requests where you were chosen to do work and visit is booked.

When clients make service requests that fit with your list of “skills” and location they immediately appear in your application in a list of “New requests”. On a card, you need to tap “Accept client” button. A new page will appear with the ability to set your price for service.

Sometimes, the client can ask you to propose a time for a visit. In this case, you will see the button “Add time”. Tapping this button you can add several free time slots to propose for a client. Tap “Send offer” button to make a proposal.

After you made a proposal with price and time slots the client will see it in his application with proposals from other masters. Until the day that defined in a service request, the client has time to choose any master he wants. If the client does not make a decision until this date the request will be automatically canceled.

Meanwhile, you will see the request in a list of “Offered requests” with price and time slots you set. There is a label on request with the text “Waiting for a client” until he makes a decision. On a request details page, you can see a number of other masters involved in the request, a number of proposals made by other master and even an average price.

In a list of new service requests near the “Accept client” button you can see a button with the text “I am busy”. Tapping this button you reject the service request and it goes to “Declined” list. At any time until request due date, you can change your mind and still make a proposal.

When a client chooses you for a visit the service request goes to “Booked” list. It will stay there until the client visit. When the time of visit has come the status of the request will change to “In progress” and the button “Complete” will appear.

Tap this button right after the client visit and choose an option describing the visit. Any “red” option will generate a ticket for the support team to review and investigate a problem, contact with master and client to find out the source of the problem. If the client skips the visit without any reason his rating will be lowered or account could be blocked.