Starting July 2019 when Fleetl published the mobile application for both clients and masters we have got some interesting number to share. July was very productive and attract almost 270 new clients to sign up and make their’s first service request. Here are the most interesting facts and numbers we got from our first month of work!


Meanwhile, more than 300 service requests were made, which is of 1.6 requests per client.








The most popular is still haircuts and hairdressing for women. It took 12,5% or all client requests. Pedicure takes second place with 10% of all requests. Here is 10 the most popular beauty services requested in Fleetl in July 2019.

Most of nails services related to gel extension, polishing and refill stay in the middle of the top service. But the most interesting is the haircut for men’s that get 4th place in out rate with 9% and shows the interest of men’s.


Our team is a big fan of rates and interesting numbers, but all metrics mean nothing without the most important rate – the price of services.

The most expensive service in Fleetl in July was expectedly hair coloring. The price of service variates from 50 to 80 euros. Meanwhile, men’s haircut stays simple and cheap enough service and it is possible to get it for only 12 euros.

Makeup service price is the most stable and takes a range from 35 to 50 euros from different masters. The location and rates of masters are not affecting this pricing, the biggest price coming mostly from complexity for a wedding or very specific makeup.

The biggest surprise was a wide range of pricing for lash lifting. It variates from 25 to 60 euros!