Those days when it was necessary to make a phone call during the working hours to book an appointment to beauty salon beforehand are passed. We all now use smartphones to buy tickets, clothes, food or order a taxi. Meanwhile, Fleetl connects clients and professionals!


The same way most of your favorite beauty masters are using online booking platforms to avoid phone calls or email writings. Around 70% of salons in Estonia have digital booking forms on their’s website and on Facebook pages. It works perfectly when you know definitely what salon or master you plan to visit next time.

But what if your master is in a long vacation? What if he moved to not comfort location? What if he is busy, but you need a service urgent? What if you just want to try something new and change your style drastically?

Get a long list of good professionals in your area is not a big deal with Google, but you still must walk through all received information and compare prices, portfolio images, reviews. Even if you did the best fit master would probably be busy this weekend =((

It would be nice to just say what, when and where you need and get offers from masters personally, hah? Not just offers with price, but also see their’s previous works, read reviews and compare those offers in a single place.


That’s the main reason we built Fleetl – the mobile application that helps you get beauty services on your terms. Just tell what you need and the app will find the best fit masters and ask them to propose a price for you. All the offers will appear in a single place with access to a portfolio and all needed information to make the right decision. Sound good?

Download Fleetl and get needed services when and where you need them. There are no hidden fees or any paid features in it – it is absolutely free forever.