The KJ Beauty Fox is the company founded in 2015 by Ksenia Johanson – professional nail artist with a great experience in the industry. Ksenia’s portfolio contains works on any taste and any complexity. The reviews and feedback from satisfied clients speak for themselves.

As any demanded master Ksenia has a lot of recurring and new clients, who are changing the visit time or cancel a visit from time to time, creating free time windows in the schedule. Free 1-2 hours in the morning or even in the middle of a day always bring some annoying problem: people are booking the time beforehand and if free time slot appears it is pretty complex to fill it in a few days.

Ksenia joined Fleetl in the very begging of July 2019 and immediately start to receive service requests. Overall, 55 clients reviewed Ksenia’s portfolio in the first 30 days and bring her more than 50 euros of additional income. So, the problem of unexpectedly appearing schedule wholes is solved for Ksenia now.

That’s what she says about it:

Fleetl helps a lot in the most unexpected minutes. It happens that a client can abruptly cancels a booking for various reasons and there is free time, which could be very necessary for someone. Thanks to Fleetl, both customers and beauticians can find each other at any time. With Fleetl, I filled all the free hours that appear from time to time. Thanks to the Fleetl team for the work done!

Overall, during the summer we had more than 250 clients downloaded Fleetl and started to request beauty services on-demand. We predict the grow up to 1000 requests per month till the end of autumn 2019 already.

Download Fleetl Master and prepare your unused time windows for selling fast and easy. Look how Fleetl can bring you additional income here and how to join us.